100 Natural Highs

Aristotle said, “The good life for people is a life of happiness.” Today Fei forwarded this email listing things that make her friends happy, “Natural Highs.” A 100 highlights from the list:


  1. Falling in love.
  2. Watching a child do something for the first time after you taught them.
  3. A great idea.
  4. A hot shower.
  5. A hug.
  6. A special glance.
  7. Acting in the theater.
  8. Tailgating on a warm Saturday.
  9. Love.
  10. Listening to your walkman.
  11. Working on a successful project with a good friend.
  12. The view from the top of a snow-covered mountain.
  13. Going out to dinner.
  14. Going dancing.
  15. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
  16. Going to the movies.
  17. Your favorite lunch.
  18. Getting invited to a dance.
  19. Seeing someone you love do something outstanding.
  20. A good conversation.
  21. Spring Break.
  22. A Saturday shopping trip with a good friend.
  23. Being told you did an excellent job by your peers.
  24. A care package.
  25. Seeing the Grand Canyon.
  26. Sliding down a waterslide.
  27. Hearing a song that reminds you of someone you love.
  28. Watching a beautiful sunset.
  29. Being yourself.
  30. When your boss says “Perfect”.
  31. When your dog jumps around because he is happy to see you.
  32. When a friend says “You’re someone special.”
  33. A clear day at the beach.
  34. Knowing someone really understands.
  35. Seeing a shooting star.
  36. Fresh flowers.
  37. Solving a problem.
  38. Midnight phone calls that last for hours.
  39. Walking barefoot in the sand.
  40. Dancing with a beautiful man.
  41. Camping in the mountains.
  42. Resting after hiking all day.
  43. Taking off high heels.
  44. Walking barefoot on wet grass.
  45. Having someone tell you that you’re beautiful.
  46. Listening to the sound of waves crashing on a beach.
  47. Knowing that some very special people think that you are special too.
  48. Falling asleep with a purring cat next to your face.
  49. A hug after a hard day.
  50. Star gazing in warm weather.
  51. Knowing you are loved.
  52. Midnight walks in the city.
  53. Hearing the voice of someone you love.
  54. Eating ice cream.
  55. Good hair days.
  56. Being sincerely complimented.
  57. Being remembered.
  58. A hug from a friend.
  59. Knowing somebody cares.
  60. Road trips with your friends.
  61. All nighters with friends.
  62. Cool sunny days.
  63. Staying on the phone for hours with someone you love.
  64. Remembering the first time you kissed the person you love.
  65. Jumping in a pile of crunchy autumn leaves.
  66. Listening to a gooooood song.
  67. Catching up on all of the gossip after being away for months.
  68. Surprise birthday parties.
  69. Knowing that you’ve met someone that won’t disappear.
  70. Driving fast with the wind in your hair and the stereo blasting your favorite song.
  71. Learning something new.
  72. Finishing a book.
  73. Bringing joy to lonely residents in a nursing home.
  74. Having someone you like call you.
  75. Anticipating the future.
  76. A first Kiss.
  77. A cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
  78. A warm smile from a stranger that sends your heart racing.
  79. Smiles, for anyone, from anyone.
  80. A warm smile from that one guy you’ve had your eyes on.
  81. Babies: their fingers, toes, tiny faces.
  82. Laying on the grass on a beautiful summer day.
  83. Talking about life with someone who completely understands your point of view.
  84. Hearing your soon-to-be favorite song on the radio for the first time.
  85. Friends who will listen to all your problems and cheer you up after a rotten day.
  86. A smile from a complete stranger who is absolutely beautiful.
  87. Going home.
  88. Having HIM/HER say hi first.
  89. Really soft tissues.
  90. That time between 3-4am when everything just seems really OK.
  91. Talking to a friend for the first time in a long time, as though no time had passed at all.
  92. Your own bed.
  93. Having a great roommate.
  94. Wearing a new outfit.
  95. Getting a good night sleep.
  96. Knowing that you can make new friends, but that the old ones will still remain the best friends you’ve ever had.
  97. Having friends to support you through the rough times.
  98. Cuddling.
  99. Great friendships that last despite distance and time.
  100. Daydreaming.