Crossing the Line

I did not write yesterday because every time I went into the lounge the computers were either full or under the power of “Assimilator,” a program which matches the computers in Stanford to the key server or something…

Anyhow, yesterday I got to work a half-hour late, which was not good but not as bad as the girl who has the shift before me, who did not show up at all…

At 11 at usual I went to math section, and then to work again–JS helped me with a last math homework problem and then I traveled to the math building to turn it in.

Then I practiced on a piano for a little before SLE section.  After SLE section I had dinner and then read a little chemistry before the SLE movie, “Rashomon” directed by Akira Kurosawa.

 At 9:00 I participated in an house activity called “Crossing the Line.” There were not that many people, only about 20.  In the activity, everyone begins standing on one side of the line.  A person running the activity asks questions ranging from “Do you wear glasses?” to “Have you ever lost a night and just did not know what happened?” and “Have you ever saved a life?” and “Have you participated in binge drinking at Stanford?” Afterwards there was a little discussion.  It was interesting, though not as personal as I had expected when I heard about it from upperclassmen.

 As for the sexual escapades of others here, I can only say this: of approximately 20 people who showed, about 3 crossed for “Have you ever been sexually active?”  I am unsure myself how to interpret this information, so perhaps I am also a cryptic message-writer.