Jia Has a Finals Medical Emergency

Today I worked my last breakfast, then went with Fei to pick up our math finals and check the solutions.  While we were there, we saw that Physics boy from our dorm and also that guy who stepped out for four years…afterwards we checked for our Chemistry exams, but they had not yet been put in the boxes outside the lecture hall.

So, we came back to the dorm.  We saw Nitin, who is in my advising group. He complained of sickness and thought he had strep throat that had been aggravated by his CS final.

Then we saw Jia, who had the same CS final, and though she thought it was easy she was also sick.  A pain had suddenly started in her lower left abdomen, which she had never felt before and which was pretty bad, so she went to Cowell — the father of a girl visiting one of our neighbors drove her.


As we left the building, the father of a fellow SLE student, Christina, saw Jia and tried to see what was wrong–he is a doctor.  He offered to give her a ride to Cowell Student Health Center, but she had one already, Alisha. Fei and I went along.

Luckily, it was nothing serious–she said that after the doctor applied pressure to the hurting spot she felt better.  She had some tests done but they said everything was okay, probably just menstrual cramps.

Anyway, we walked back, stopping at the Haas Center for community service so that Jia could pick up an application to host some exchange students during the summer.