Meeting Ying

As predicted, I’ve been working on my SLE paper all day, except for dinner. It was a special-occasion dinner.  We celebrated meeting the final member of my draw group, Ying.  She is the one with whom Sarah occasionally ate dinner at Stern, and who was a high-school classmate of the boy in our draw-group, Colin.


Funny Accidents in Joining a Housing Lottery

During dinner, we had a kind of complicated surprise.

Let me try to explain.  There is a housing lottery to determine where students will live next year.  Students who want to live in the same house can form “draw groups,” whose members will receive the same lottery number together.  I am “drawing” with Nicola, Jia, and Fei, and possibly Sarah.

Sarah was talking about bringing two other people into the draw group, one girl that I do not know and a boy that even Sarah had not met.  Over dinner, there was discussion about the draw group, and some concern that we should not draw with people we did not know.

There was a boy at the table who was also considering “drawing” with people he did not know.  He finished before the rest of us, and left.  Shortly, however, he returned with news of an amusing coincidence. He, himself, is the boy that Sarah was going to bring into the group!