24-hour Study Party Room

Today Jia and she invited Fei and me to her SWE (Society of Women Engineers) meeting. It was great; there was lunch and speakers from a company called Oracle.

After chem lecture I stayed in the room with Nicola, who wanted to watch Robert Sapolsky’s lecture. Professor Sapolsky teaches the class (Human Behavioral Biology) that takes place in Bloch lecture hall directly after our chem class. He also happens to be Nicola’s neighbor in San Francisco.

Later in the afternoon, Nicola and I attended a joint SLE section on a lawn behind Florence Moore. After that, dinner, and after that a SLE movie about the McCarthy hearings.

Then for the rest of the day I worked on math in the 24-hour study room for a while. This is an interesting place, where it seems natural and even fun to pour endlessly over books and paperwork.  My drawmate Ying virtually lives there. While I was there my other drawmate Colin came to visit her. They went out to run for about an hour, and then Ying returned and resumed her studying until midnight.

Huat Chye is another who spends a lot of time in that room.  He came to study math while I was there, and since he is my same math I was able to get a couple of questions answered…