Unexpected Spontaneity

A greeting from Fei:

Guess what?  My dad called yesterday and told me that both he and mom will visit here ‘the day after tomorrow’, which is tomorrow.  That’s great news for me, especially so because my family has never been known for decisiveness and spontaneous actions.  So I really will enjoy the two weeks left in Southern California.

I also love my Disneyland job right now.  I have found out the way to get more shifts and have them at different parts of the park.  Yesterday I worked at Le Gourmet shop of New Orleans Square, and that was great.  It’s a store selling all kinds of New Orleans specialties, (shipped twice from New Orleans), including pralines, beignets, mint julep, and all kinds of hot sauces and coffees.  The store is not as busy as the Emporium on main street I have often been working at on Main Street.  I tend the store all by myself and because its many open doors face the River of America, I get to enjoy the whole Fantasmic! scenes with few interruptions. There are many out-of-state and foreign travelers so it really takes me outside of my current circle, always a good thing to have a bigger perspective I guess.  Today I will work at Adventure Outpost, the store by Indiana Jones in Adventureland.  That will be interesting too, although I don’t get to enjoy tending the store all by myself.

That’s all for now.  My brother is driving me to Disneyland currently, but we still argue ALL the time.  That’s a pain, but I’m glad Dad and Mom are coming back to soothe everything for now.  Is Java really hard?  It seems such an advanced course, I know many cs majors take it much later than 106 series. Are you having fun with it?  Does it take lots of time?  How many people are in your class?  How is the weather is SD right now?  It’s gotten better here.

The northern California temp is pretty cool right now, (in fact I don’t think it ever got hot), so I am having more optimism about my Inferno room in Lantana now.  Besides I came from Riverside, nothing could compare to the heat there during the summer.