An Early Start to a Second Year

Fei writes as she joins the Orientation from the other side now:

I returned to campus August 4, basically starting another roll down the school year.  Again, I am back with the happy sunshine, the green landscaping, and the wonderful weather.

I am living in Wilbur’s Trancos right now along with eight other hosts. These couple of days we basically did a lot of settling, decorating the halls and the rooms.  Come Monday, 64 more students will occupy this hall, 21 from Taiwan and 43 from Japan.  I live on the third floor right now.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a telephone right now.  It costs more than $50 to install one for the next month, so I just passed.  Basically I will stay here for the next four weeks or so as a summer host, find a place to live for three or four days after that, then move into Lantana early as an Orientation Volunteer. Have you decided when you will be back?

Where as I thought Stanford would be a “dead and empty” place during the summer, I was very surprised to find that it is filled with all kinds of activities, conferences and camps, ranging from debate to cheerleading.  I have also seen or know many people from Flo Mo are still on-campus right now.  The short list includes both Alex’s, Colin, Paloma Sarah (Rapaway), Ajay, TQ, Katrina, Katherine, Fabi, Paddy, Jared, Hans, the list goes on.

My parents are leaving to go back to France the day after tomorrow.  Even though I am not with them right now, I still miss them very much. Anyways, I hope that I can do okay in my classes next year.  I am really afraid that it’s going to be Hell year for me.  Most people say sophomore year is the hardest year, plus the fact that I hope to take Physics, CS, and math, I just pray I can survive without being slaughtered.