A Sunday Afternoon Outing: Fresh Taste

I visited the music library to copy some music for my organ class and then I went back to my room. I was planning to go to dinner, and Jia was going to a restaurant on El Camino so I went with her. Fei joined but Nicola had already planned to go out for dinner with a friend. However, while we were unlocking our bikes we ran into Huat Chye and a Singaporean friend, Sze Yao. They were going to eat dinner at a dorm, and Jia invited them to come along with us instead, which they did. We had dinner at a place called “Fresh Taste” (Chinese restaurant).

Huat Chye and Sze Yao are pretty close friends; at the dinner Huat Chye was wearing a t-shirt that Sze Yao had given him (it makes fun of Singapore’s harsh laws, limited civil rights). When Jia asked them what they were planning to do for Winter Break, Sze Yao was uncertain and Huat Chye encouraged him to join him in Brazil.

We each picked a dish and then shared, splitting the bill. Afterwards we came back and studied. Later in the night I went with Jia to visit Nicola and Fei, then came back, did some more studying, and went to bed, after remembering to set the clock to “fall back” an hour? It’s easier for me to remember this than to “spring ahead” and “lose” an hour!