Super Sophomore Seminars

Attended a meeting of the sophomore seminar “Psychosis in Society” @ 3:15.  I no longer think I can do the work for this class, but the class sessions are interesting in themselves. For instance, next week we’ll have a guest speaker whose son has schizophrenia and was committed by his family.

After this class, went back to the dorm for dinner and did a little reading until 6:20 or so, when I went to seminar “Science-in-fiction is not Science Fiction”  with Fei.  It’s taught by a chem professor named Carl Djerassi.  The main reason I thought of taking this seminar is that he’s famous — he played a key role in developing the (contraceptive) Pill. There were only six of us there since two students couldn’t make this altered time slot (scheduled for Monday, but this week was holiday).  One of the six had to leave early.

We all told the rest of the class about the book we’d read.  Djerassi himself wrote three of the books we read.  After class, walked toward Meyer with Fei and Tina Chan (fellow former Mirlo SLE student, current bible study leader, bio student).  Tina went back to her dorm and Fei went to program, I went to work in the classroom on the outside of Meyer until 12 or so…then to dorm and bed…



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