A Parents’ Weekend Kickoff

I looked for Alofa, Nine and Law at Tresidder. We had some snacks from TresEx before I went off to a chemistry midterm.  After the midterm, which was terrible basically, we met again at Tresidder and I biked to my dorm in front of their rental van.  We visited Manzanita’s afternoon service for smoothies, sandwiches before walking to the Rodin Sculpture Garden and the adjacent museum…it is now called the Cantor Center for Visual Arts rather than the Leland Stanford Junior Museum.

When we first got in Nine got snapped at a couple of times.  Like in the San Diego Museum of Art, there are people walking around making sure you do not disturb the art–Nine touched one of the statues and got a loud “Excuse me!” from one of these people.  We moved on to an exhibit of “Picasso: Graphical Artist.”  Nine expressed aloud his opinion that the items on display were reproductions, and a woman behind us replied sternly that she did not think they were reproductions…

There were exhibits of things from ancient China, and from some Southeast Asian islands that were interesting…Law and Alofa stopped touring on the first floor, but Nine and I went upstairs and saw some more interesting stuff. There is a photographer, Muybridge, famous for his pictures capturing motion. I was previously familiar with his work from pictures of a horse running–pictures that showed that at a time all four of a horse’s hooves are off of the ground (or showed that there is no such time, I forget).

Anyway, there was an exhibit of this guy’s work there.  Apparently he did some work for and was a friend of Leland Stanford, who helped him escape conviction for murder when he killed his wife’s lover.  This photographer photographed motion, as I said; specifically nude motion.  For example there was one (blurry) series of photos “Nude man on horseback.”  He also photographed people with disabilities; one set of pictures depicts a boy with double amputation at the thigh lifting himself onto a chair and then lowering himself down again even without the use of his legs.


Hanging out

After dinner, I went with Jia to try to rent a movie but they didn’t have the one she wanted and we came back empty-handed.

When I was back in my room Nina called, a pleasant surprise!  Bryan (Fei and Nicola’s across-the-hall neighbor) was visiting, otherwise I would have been out practicing organ. So that is lucky.

Jia waited in the room for a call from her mother. Ying visited; she had expected us to notify her when we came back with the video, which of course never happened.  But we talked to her for a while, and Jia invited Fei over from upstairs.  We talked some, and then took a walk to Jack in the Box.

We tried to get food from the drive-thru but they wouldn’t let us as we weren’t driving. Safety first I guess! We managed to get our food anyway by giving our order to the young woman in the car behind us. Jia and I got chicken sandwiches, Ying got a Jumbo Jack and Fei got a regular Sprite when she found they had no orange soda. Ate on the way back home.