Saw tutor at 9, went to music library and read for bio until time for bio lecture. After bio lecture went back to the dorm with drawmate Ying. Sat with Sarah; an older man joined us. He is an alumni who returns to Stanford to audit classes, I think he said. He showed us a map from 1944 to illustrate how different the campus was from when he graduated. He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1946, I think.

After lunch I went to Meyer, did a little reading I think before going early to Chem lecture hall to read some more there. After chem lecture, went to lawn between Gilbert and Herrin and read for bio. Moved to Quad and continued reading, before visitng the Classics library. The Classics library is really tiny, just one room; Nancy Alvarez and her roommate Lisa Shih were there. Talked to them for a bit, had some “baked” (microwaved) banana courtesy of Nancy, then went to makeup organ lesson…had to wait a little bit for the organ class preceding to end.

After organ went to dinner, Tina came this time. Ying had Colin. Tina and I ate in Kimball, then had a bio study session in the study room adjacent to my and Jia’s room. At about 9:20 Tina had to leave, I walked with her since the direction of her dorm is the direction of Meyer…at Meyer I printed up my last lab report and then went to 24 hour study room to study for bio lab exam…later late night, study physics.

Back to dorm…discovered when read my e-mail that I had been promoted from status of “has to take bio lab final” to “exempt from final.” Yay!

As I get ready for bed, wanting a good night’s sleep before a Physics review session tomorrow at 9, I see Jia and her partners David Huang and Anneka Kalton in the cluster, working on their group program “Bunny World.” They have been working on it for a long time, as it is a large project requiring a couple of weeks’ devoted time. I guess it is fun but tiring and challenging!