Puppies and kittens

Today was Fei’s 20th birthday.  Jia did not want to get up early so I went to study until it was time for my 11:00 bio lecture; after this lecture I met with my bio lab project advisor; at 12:30 regular bio lab started.  It went on until a little past 5.

Then, I returned to the dorm for dinner and stayed there for leisurely study, later delivery of Fei’s card (Nicola gave both myself and Fei gifts–I got a stuffed camel and some candy, Fei got some other sorts of sweets) in the company of Nicola, Jia and Ying.  We added some funny touches to the card after everyone had signed.

For instance, we did a bit with a puppy licking the head of a kitten that stands beside it. It struck us funny to write, facetiously, something along the lines of: “You are the kitten. Best of wishes in finding your puppy.”


A Boy and Dresses

Got up for breakfast with Jia, then did some stuff at Carnegie then to bio lecture then to bio library for a little studying before first bio lab introductory lecture. Had to bike back to the dorm to pick up checkbook to pay for manual.  After this went to Green until 5, when went back to dorm for dinner. I ate with Jia. We joined Ying, Huat Chye and a guy named John who lived in Paloma last year and Storey (a house) this year. John finished before the rest of us and went off.

Jia noted that Huat Chye had cut his hair, but that it did not make a big difference in his appearance. She said that if he did something else it would make him unrecognizable.  She hesitated, for the sake of politeness, to state her idea of a drastic change. But when pressed, she said he’d look very different if he wore a dress.  Huat Chye said what’s wrong with that and told us that he had, in fact, cross-dressed before.  His high school had a “senior slave day” in which he was auctioned off to a group of people who made him wear a small cheerleader’s outfit and makeup.  Ying suggested that he was so young at the time that it was not a big deal.

Jia, Ying and I finished before Huat Chye and apologized for abandoning him.  We ran into Fei on our way out and Jia suggested that she join Huat Chye, but he was close behind us in returning his tray.