A Birthday Bash with Boat Dance Banter

It is drawmate Ying’s birthday, so I left the gift certificate I got on Monday and a note I wrote the night previous on her door.  Went to work and then bio lecture @ 11.  Stayed in the lecture hall until it was time for chem @ 1:15.  The lab that day was easy, just testing an unknown drug on a kit that’s commercially available, working in pairs.  I and my partner got out around 4, I finished the lab report and then went to Meyer to study and work on problem set.  Went back to Lantana for dinner, ate with Jia and joined the rest of my drawmates (since we found out two of last year’s group aren’t drawing with us, my draw group is Jia, Fei, Nicola and Ying), Huat Chye and Chihiro.

By now Ying was pretty sure she wasn’t going to the Boat Dance.  Huat Chye asked her, if he could find someone to go with her would she go?  She reminded him that her reason for going was too much work, not a lack of company.  I asked him who he’d had in mind, and Jia said, “Of course, he meant himself.” Asked to confirm, he protested, “I most certainly did not!”  He did not seem to want to say who it was that he’d had in mind.

Anyway, everybody started getting up to leave, and Chihiro had the idea that while Ying was getting fruit or whatever in the dining hall that we should run to her room and wait there to surprise her and sing happy birthday to her.

We did this, though the surprise part did not quite work out! Soon we dispersed to study.  I picked up Late Night again on the way back, for Jia and also Ying whom I saw when I was leaving Meyer.  I saw Nicola when I was approaching Lantana (her window faces the walkway) and asked to get Ying’s strawberries from her refrigerator.  NS got her own gift for Ying and after stopping by my room and picking up Jia, dropping off Late Night we found Ying in her room.

Nicola gave her a gift of Japanese stationary, then we all went down to my and Jia’s room. All but Nicola ate Late Night snacks, and I presented Ying with the strawberries. Even RA Mary Niu dropped by and shared some of the Late Night goodies (one nugget and a piece of a breadstick).



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