Wacky Walk and Robert Pinsky

Woke up before 6 to drawmate Ying’s knocking shortly followed by Jia’s alarm going off. Went with Ying and Fei to serve as ushers at Commencement.

We were stroller ushers.  There are no strollers allowed in Stanford Stadium, because besides a limited amount of space reserved for wheelchairs it’s all stairs in there.  So we performed the duty of collecting people’s strollers, giving them coupons and sticking corresponding tickets to their strollers, putting the strollers together in a circle and guarding them until the people decided to leave the ceremony.  For this we got free refreshments and a $25 gift certificate for the Stanford Bookstore.

We did not all stand by the strollers all the time.  We took turns watching the strollers and watching the “Wacky Walk” that is traditionally performed by the undergraduates. Those receiving their bachelor’s degree will wear some zany things and precess into the stadium in playful ways. The stadium was nicely decorated, and with the colorful graduating undergraduates it was quite a pretty sight!

Fei and Ying listened to the poet laureate, Robert Pinsky I think it was, who gave the commencement speech this year.

Afterward we returned to the dorm and met Ting Ting and Jia.  We decided to go out to lunch and did so…we ate at Jade Foutain on El Camino. After this we came back…stopped at Jia’s friend Wenlan’s apartment on the way back.  Wenlan is a freshman who came from China this year.  She is a little bit non-traditional because she’s married, which is why she lives in a family apartment in Escondido Village.

I was tired so took a long nap…first in our room and then took a walk and napped in a room in the education building that has a sofa in it.  I called from the education building and got a busy signal, walked back to Lantana and got a call from mama.

Ting Ting and I listened to our messages and found one from Jia saying she was at Wenlan’s house and inviting us to join them for dinner, which we did.  After that I came back and listened to mama’s message, checked e-mail and read a little before going to bed.