Dinner and a walk, a movie and “pig face”

Jia and Ting Ting had begun preparations early, so we could start eating soon. Huat Chye commented he could only make pancakes, whose recipe he’d learned for a class presentation.

Jia had received an e-mail from a guy with whom she had spent a considerable amount of time dancing the previous night. He reminded her of her invitation to have him over to dinner. His message included many smiley faces and the assertion that he knew Jia’s salt and oil are no ordinary things. Throughout the evening Jia pondered aloud and took suggestions regarding how she should respond.

Later, when there was more talk of such things, I asked Huat Chye if he had met anyone “interesting” at work. He was evasive, and I reluctant to press. Jia asked him, then, if he was open to an interracial relationship and he said himself, yes, his parents maybe not.

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Dance Party!

Friday, Jia mentioned that she and Ting Ting were going to a grad student swing dance at Rains the following evening, and said she would send out e-mail. She was as good as her word, and forwarded the invitation Rui had sent asking Ting Ting and herself to a dance party. The notice exclaimed, in part:



Hacienda Commons, in Rains Houses

This SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 8:30pm to 1:00am


It’s time for another SBDC dance party, co-sponsored by the Stanford Graduate Student Council (GSC). The party is in Hacienda Commons, next to the Rains office.

The lesson is taught by our very own Mike and Edo, and popular DJ Kristian returns with his killer sound system. Don’t miss it!

I visited Huat Chye’s room at about 7:30, found him still indecisive about whether to go. Got him to try to call Jia but there was no answer. Returned around 8, and he got Ting Ting, who put him on with Jia, who informed him of what is generally worn to such events as this dance. He gave me the phone to talk to Jia, and there was some vacillations about what time we should go there, as Jia and Ting Ting had just gotten back from shopping and wanted to have dinner before going. We settled that we would at least go to Ting Ting and Jia’s apartment.

Huat Chye took a while in preparation, including changing *back* into a t-shirt from a long-sleeved denim button-down. In this fashion, another issue was settled – by the time we got to Jia and Ting Ting’s apartment, they were ready to go, so we all went together.

Huat Chye brought along his camera and got a shot of Jia in her dress and new hair cut when she answered the door. We walked over to Rains and found the location of the dancing with little difficulty, Jia chatting with Huat Chye along the way, I exchanging words with Ting Ting. We found the party still in “lesson” stage when we arrived, and hung around with an eye out for people we knew.

We saw Carlos and Katherine (Loro and Mirlo residents two years ago), with whom Jia and Ting Ting engaged in conversation. Huat Chye asked me if they were married, which consideration I was surprised to hear, but could not answer with any authority. I suggested that he should use the question to start conversation. When asked why he should think they were married, Huat Chye replied that he heard them mention taking couples’ housing, and, well, wasn’t that a maternity dress? I found this consideration even more outrageous, but could not respond to this with authority either. So when Katherine and Carlos had gone off to dancing again, the questions were posed to Jia and Ting Ting, whom, I was surprised to find, were not sufficiently informed to answer them, either. Jia’s first reaction was that Katherine’s shape was due merely to her being “plump;” why would she have a baby her senior year? But she could not say anything certainly and there was giggling over the prospect of bringing the issue to the attention of Carlos and Katherine themselves.

We went to meet Rui and her boyfriend, who were doing lessons with the crowd on the dance floor. Jia and Ting Ting met more people, including Ping Ping, who TA’d Huat Chye’s Chinese Politics class. Jia described her later as “wild,” and I might believe it from her liveliness there. Ting Ting also engaged new people in conversation, including several tall guys whom gave them hope for future beaus. Jia spent a considerable amount of time dancing with one of these, Eiming (very likely mispelling. Anyway he is pretty though Jia claims his eyes are too big). Ting Ting danced with another who was Jia’s physics TA once.

Ting Ting tried to show us a couple of steps, and got Huat Chye onto the dance floor. When brought him back, she assured him that he just needs more practice. Huat Chye asserted that he had a new admiration for the dancers.

Huat Chye and I mostly watched from a distance, next to the refereshments. The supply of wine was kept refreshed by a chem grad student who TA’d a class I took last winter; there were three other chem grad students that I identified, including Fei’s Feng Bi. Huat Chye claimed one could tell which dancing couples were “attached” by how they danced together.

After we decided to go, we went back a roundabout way, that took us a little toward Flo Mo before we stopped before going our separate ways. Jia, tired, sat to ask for ideas about what we should do the next day, Sunday, after Ying’s MCAT. Huat Chye suggested evening, as he would have packing and moving to do earlier. We stopped by the back of the Bookstore so he could pick up a box for packing. He whimsically picked up one for a 3.3 thousand dollar Powerbook.

Alofa on a Celebration of her 50th Birthday

Mama writes to her two older daughters at college.

Good morning, I just woke up around 8 am. Ere went to work, Nine disappear, probably went to lift weight at school.

Well, Law and I are planning to go use my coupon from Law for my birthday. It’s for a haircut and manicure. Then plan to go buy a solution to clean the wooden floor, starting with Law’s room.

Yesterday went with Law to the gym. She read and I exercised. Then we went to Mario’s restarant in La Mesa. They served delicious tamales, homemade. We tried to sample it to bring some with us for Parents’ Weekend, but it cost $3 a tamale. So, I will find something else to bring.

My and Law’s vegetable’s garden is growing healthy but no fruits yet.

G. it is nice to know what is going on with you at the party and at school, but you don’t have to say in detail what people say, and see, because I let Law and Nine read your email. Just tell the important stuff. I like to hear that you two are exercising, it helps give you strength. Plus, pray, try to get close to God, even if you take a walk to church at school there and pray. Eat healthy, try to listen to some relaxing music, it helps relax you. Try to exercise, even if only 30 minutes a day, it is better than nothing. We have a net on the ping pong table. I played with Law and Nine for a little while.

I went to the USAFA’s mothers’ tea party. It was held in Del Mar and was very nice. But, it was also sad because one of the parents’ son will graduate but will not be commissioned as an officer, because he had seizure. And I heard one parent say her son has high blood pressure. That is a good reason for you two to come home when you can during your break, so I can schedule your appointment to see the doctor for a check up. Because you are too busy at school, you ignore your health, which is very important. Your body is like a car. If you don’t take care of the car, it can’t run.

Besides that boy that could not be commissioned as an officer, I had good time, the people’s house was nice. I sat with Betsy and Joyce, Angie’s mother, and Tom’s mother, 32nd squadron. We were making a flag out of tiny, tiny, beads, and all of us had bad eyes! There were instructions to read, but I don’t read instructions. I just look at the example. It was fun, but stressful.

They were starting to tell stories about their kids, but I did not hear the end because I had to work. I got to work at 3 pm. I talked to Chris’s mom, Rosie’s mom, and other moms. I wish I could write all their names on a piece of paper with their cadets. There were new parents there.

Keep in touch, Slick and Jack are getting old, and eat a lot.

Well you take care, later, have a nice day. Don’t forget to pray and exercise, eat well, drink a lot of water, get plenty of rest, and try to relax by listening to soft music.