Around a Harvest Moon Festival

Woke up around 8, did some small task at Carnegie before going to my first class, math.  Followed by the two thermodynamicses.  After the chem, I had to go to a table at the activities fair being held to watch it for SWE.  Jia was also on that shift but she was late, so I had only the company of a grad student for a while.

At 12:30 I had  a meeting with my math tutor, which went until it was time for me to go to my 2:15.  The professor was not there for this class; the lecture given by the grad student TA was rather irrelevant.

After this last class of the week I went to one of my professors whom I’d like to be my advisor and asked him about declaring (this major that I’m not sure I’ll be able to complete–I’ve told him as much) and he directed me to another professor and declined to be my advisor as he already has 35 advisees!  I was surprised as in this major there’s not even 35 undergraduates per year.

So, back to room and did some reading before a nap.  Jia, Fei and Jing went to the celebration of Moon Harvest Festival at Bechtel International Center.  A friend reminded me our fellowship was hosting a barbeque; I went to this. Ying saw me as I was on my way and asked about running; I tentatively agreed but later when returned to dorm could not find her.

Back to room, read some, drew some.  Eugene stopped by and I went with him to visit Val on the third floor, but Val wasn’t in. I suspected he went to the Harvest Moon Festival celebration as well.  Eugene called it the Moon Cake Festival and left a message on Val’s door half in Chinese characters and half in English.

I read in my room a bit more before heading with my books to the Education building.  Saw Jia, Jing, Fei, Ping (a graduate friend of theirs) and Jianbo (who sat near Jia in high school) on their way to Ping’s Rains apartment.


Fei hosts Jing, Henry & me

Fei, Sze Yao, and I were chatting in Fei’s room. We saw Huat Chye through the window. He came in from São Paulo, where he’d been visiting an aunt, Saturday night.  Sze Yao told us to call him but we hid and had Sze Yao call him instead.

Huat Chye asked him what he was doing there in Kimball and Sze Yao joked that he’d been split from his draw group and housed in Kimball; but Huat Chye correctly surmised that it was Fei’s room and she came to the window to wave to him.  Her window has a good view for people watching; it overlooks one of the main paths entering Manzanita Park.

Huat Chye talked to his drawmate about getting a room key for one of their other drawmates, who won’t be coming in until late, then went about his moving-in business.

I was typing up some stuff for work around 6 o’clock and Fei came in with Jing and a freshman from Shanghai (he calls himself Henry). They were going to go visit his place and then get dinner, Fei’s treat, and asked if I’d like to join.

We went to Ujamaa, where Henry lives, and saw his room. Fei likes the dorm better now it’s been remodeled–brighter.  Henry’s room is not as large as the ones in Kimball (or any other dorm I’ve been in) but he and his roommate have a sink in a closet-like enclosure.  Afterward we biked to KFC.

We saw Colin, my and Fei’s former drawmate, along the way, and Fei stopped to talk to him and to Huat Chye, whom we saw walking back to Kimball with a freshman who graduated from his high school in Brazil.

We had dinner at KFC and then biked back to Kimball. Henry came in hoping to meet Jia, but she was not there. Also, we could not reach the other freshman from Shanghai, whom we thought she might have been with.

Ben Longoria, our neighbor from Lantana last spring and now in Kimball, stopped by and was telling us how he served as an escort for the queen and princess of Bhutan (the princess is now a SLE freshman).

Jia hosts hometown newcomers

Did some work at Carnegie in the morning; my boss came in with her daughter for the last time before taking off on vacation.  I had got something for the girl’s birthday, which will pass before they return, so I had my boss drive me back to Kimball and ran upstairs (where Jia was sitting on her bed, after beginning to move in) grabbed the gift and gave it to my boss, before going back upstairs and reading in my room…

Ting Ting came to visit; at the same time Jia came in with her Fei came in, freshly arrived from Shanghai.  Some new students from Shanghai, two people who had gone to Jia’s high school, one of whom will live in our dorm this year, visited. Then they and Jia and Ting Ting went out together.  Fei went to pick her bike up from outside Jia and Ting Ting’s summer residence.

When she returned, I looked at some pictures of hers, and later agreed to accompany her on a trip to Fry’s to get speakers for her discman.  While we were preparing to do so, Jia got back, having had dinner at Jade Fountain with the new students from Shanghai and Ting Ting.

Fei and I stopped at KFC to have dinner before continuing to Fry’s; we got to that store too late, it closed at 9 and by the time we’d got there it was about 9:30.  We walked back; saw some people we know in Castaño through their open window, with visitors.

When we got back to Kimball, we did some walking around the dorm.

At long last, needing to declare a major

I barely had time to read messages before departing to Colorado join the rest of my family in visiting my sister at the Air Force Academy.  There, I was struck by the tight limitations on my access to the internet in general, and telnet in particular.

My trip to Colorado was pleasant, despite this affliction; I had the pleasure of seeing some workings of the Air Force Academy, rafting, and, my family’s favorite, watching a movie (“The Sixth Sense”).

My return to Stanford, too, was pleasant, albeit marred by the discovery of my own “Dear Undeclared Junior” letter in my P.O. box.

Mama’s expressed concern. I reassured her, I’m not confused as to what I want to do.  I want to complete a major that will allow me to get a job that will in turn allow me to pay off my student loans, and also interest me.  I have two major options; I’m only uncertain as to whether my math background is good enough to permit the undertaking of the more practical of the two.