Presenting Thomasina and Other Gifts

Presenting Thomasina

Friday, November 12, I got back to the dorm around 12:30; Jia was already asleep. Argued with Fei that she should collect signatures in Castaño but ended up doing the task myself. Huat Chye and his roommate, at the time being visited by their neighbor Domi, signed the card. Their drawmate Sze Yao delayed, claiming he could not be “poetic” at 2 a.m.

Saturday after brunch, we studied in our room; Ting Ting visited. Drawmates agreed to go to dinner out to celebrate Jia’s birthday. Went back to studying, Jia and Ting Ting went out. I collected a final signature from Castaño. Nicola came back from the music library. She visited and shared news of a plan to stop out for two quarters!

Nicola drove Ying, Fei and I to all meet Jia and Ting Ting already waiting at the sushi place at the Town and Country. Afterward we looked for an ice cream place in Palo Alto, got gelato and returned to Stanford by 8 because Ying had to get to lab.

The rest of us chatted in our room a while. Jia talks about guys, though her actions never seem to carry her in that direction. I think even if she’s not actually picky she gives that impression and is so intimidating to guys. I went to task, then studied in Tresidder (got free coffee from a conference that had been there) then in an empty room outside of Meyer til finished chem problem set, back to dorm and soon to bed.

Sunday, Jia’s birthday celebration continued. A brunch group included Jia, Fei, Huat Chye’s draw group, and others. Jing joined us and sat next to Huat Chye, identified him by his unusual age. There was laughter around the table. They called Huat Chye famous. Chihiro joined us later.

After brunch I went to Green, studied til time for 4:30 mass. After 4:30 mass I joined a Catholic undergraduate dinner, sitting next to next-door neighbor Eugene. Eugene is not Christian yet, but is in the RCIA program to learn more about Catholicism. Could that be right? I thought the program was intended only for people entering the Catholic community.

After dinner, I went back to Green a while, then to TA office hours, which were very crowded. After that I bought ice cream for Jia’s birthday at Tressider Express, carried it to Green to pick up books and then stored it in Nicola’s fridge and our own. Got late night coffee and chicken and NutriGrain bars, then went to work in my room.

Jia insisted on seeing her birthday card at 12, I had not signed it yet so was time-pressured to come up with a message. Fei Ying and Nicola showed up shortly after to deliver their gifts, including a big white bear promptly dubbed Thomasina. They said they’d emailed asking me to delay until their arrival, but I hadn’t checked my e-mail frequently enough. We shared tiramisu that Nicola bought for Jia, the ice cream, some beverage courtesy of Ying. We got a neighbor to take pictures of us. Jia opened all her presents and read all the messages on her cards aloud. She was quite gracious, saying she would write to everyone who’d signed her card a personal thank you. She zwrote to Huat Chye later saying she felt “loved” and would he like to come over and have some of the fruit wine Ying had given her. But, he declined 😉