Two for dinner and a bit of dance

On the night of the “Screw Your Roommate” dance, Fei got dressed up.  Jia and I went to visit her.  She had arranged to meet Huat Chye at 7:30.  She deliberated over what she would wear and ended up wearing a gray dress.

Jia insisted that Fei come by our room with Huat Chye before they left to the dance. Fei came first to borrow a gray coat of Jia’s and to have Jia help her with her hair.  Someone suggested that we could just call Huat Chye and have him meet Fei in our room.  Fei thought it would be unbearably weird, having him meet her with Jia and I and also Jing who was visiting us at the time. She fled back to her room and started listening to MP3s when Jia called him.

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