The Way We Say Goodbye

Returned to campus, stopped by a fair of computer science final projects, and went to check on what activities I could participate in this weekend.

Ran into Nancy Alvarez, and ended up joining her for dinner and then a walk around Lake Lagunita. She talked about what people who graduated in her high school class are doing now but I don’t know what anyone from my high school class is doing.

Afterward we went to a senior event, dinner in the main quad and a slide show and dance to follow. As we’d already eaten we didn’t stay long after stopping by the table where my Fei, Ying, Jia and Jim were sitting.

I went to our friend Jing’s room so we could go to a karaoke party together. It was a small event at EV hosted by ACSSS (so Chinese pop songs), so I wasn’t able to sing any songs, but I enjoyed watching. Fei, Ying, Jia, and Jim joined later, and we all returned to our dorm together. Jing and I stayed behind while everyone else went to a Vietnamese noodle place.

I stopped by Nancy’s room; she was having trouble getting to sleep and gave me some extra “serapes” she had to wear during graduation. She talked to me for a while, complaining about her roommate’s being messy and saying she was sad that she’d only be able to see her family for a short time before going off to her summer program at Notre Dame.

When the group came back from the noodle place, Jing and Fei and I talked for a while and decided to go try and find a guy Fei liked so she could have a picture with him before we all go our separate ways. He wasn’t there so she knocked on the door of a friend of his, whom we also know. This resulted in some embarrassment because this friend’s parents had already arrived and were sleeping in his room. This was around 2 am!

Later Chris Dai came by, after returning from a trip to San Francisco with some of his freshman friends. Jing, Fei and Ying were all in my room and when I called Jia’s room to report that Chris had arrived Jim came too. He watched flash animated movies online and then some movie trailers. We also looked at some magazines that had been lying in the hallway. People leave a lot of stuff in the hallways when they’re moving out. Some of it is amusing.

At four Chris said that if we weren’t going to “do” anything he was going to go back to finish packing, since he had to leave at 10 am for his flight out to Tokyo. Ying said she was going to bed and did so.

Jim lingered to assure Chris that they’d see each other in the autumn. He has a special affection for Chris. I suggested a hug; Chris agreed but Jim waved his hand in an embarrassed way and left.

Chris turned to the rest of us. I said that I don’t usually hug people and Fei agreed that I usually just receive a hug without returning it.

Chris said that would be too weird so I sort of put my arms over his shoulders. Then he gave Fei a hug and was about to leave but I pointed out that he hadn’t given Jing a hug yet. He reminded us that he would definitely see her again in the autumn. But, I said, he would not see her for the whole summer. They reminded me that they are actually going to meet towards the end of the summer when they’ll both be in Shanghai and I said, “But you won’t see each other tomorrow!” Then they hugged and Chris went off.

Fei suggested that we should have a sleepover and Jing and I accepted this idea.

This is the way we say goodbye at the end of our college journey!


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