About the Author

I’m 36, and most of my adult life has been spent in colleges.

Through high school, I loved to read fiction and entertained thoughts of becoming a professional writer. But, I was also fond of science. Entering college I chose biology, then chemical engineering as a major.

Following graduation, research experience I’d gained as a student intern led me to work at The Scripps Research Institute, a private, non-profit organization that has both research and educational missions.

International friendships inspired me to seek employment overseas. After finishing a PhD in biomedical engineering at the UC Irvine, I worked as a research fellow in Singapore, then as an assistant professor in Japan.

I enjoy learning about regions across the world. I dream of applying my international education and science experience to public diplomacy work for the State Department or science policy at a US federal agency or NGO. The difficulty of making a transition from my most previous position in academic science, in Japan, has contributed to a gap in my work experience. I recently started a policy internship in NYC, serving the Permanent Mission of The Republic of Palau to the United Nations.


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